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Fresh and Full of Nutrients | Natural, Creamline
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It Simply Tastes Better

Since March of 2004, Farmers' All-Natural Creamery Milk has delivered organic, cream-top milk that stands apart in quality and taste. The milk comes largely from small, Amish / Mennonite family farms where the average daily herd is 30 cows and where most of the work is still done by hand. Many of these farms—most of which are on about 80 tillable acres—have been in the same family for 150 years and have never been touched by chemical herbicides or pesticides.

Fresh and Full of Nutrients
What has our customers raving about our milk? The simple fact is that our Grade A milk has substantially more nutrients than conventional milk and it is much fresher when it reaches the grocery shelf. Our milk is non-homogenized (left in its natural state) and VAT pasteurized, meaning it is pasteurized at the lowest temperature (145 degrees F) that can be used and still meet pasteurization standards. VAT pasteurization heats at half the temperature of a UHT process (cooked milk) and 30 or more degrees less than the HTST method (standard fresh milk pasteurizing). What all of this means is that our milk not only tastes fresh, it is fresh. It does not have the “cooked” or “burnt” flavor found in ultra pasteurized milk. And you can be guaranteed that it won’t be sitting on the grocery shelf with a 57 day shelf life like other ultra pasteurized milk. With Kalona Organics and Farmers’ All Natural Creamery you are truly getting farm fresh milk.

So why don’t other companies use the VAT pasteurized method? Because it takes longer and costs more, but the end result is higher quality, fresher milk.

Natural, Creamline
Because our milk is non-homogenized the cream naturally floats to the top and thickens. This is the true sign of milk in its natural state. The cream naturally separates and rises to the top, allowing customers to skim it off or shake it into the milk. This cream is rich in vitamins and minerals, and it’s easier on the digestion system.

No GMOs or Added Hormones
Our milk also contains no added hormones and comes from cows that are all vegetarian fed with non-GMO feed. The result of these processes means customers get the freshest and most natural milk that can be sold in a store. It is exactly what natural food consumers and those looking for healthy food choices for their families are hoping to find.

Quality You Can See
Our milk is packaged in a unique, clear bottle that harkens back to the days of old. It’s been specially designed to seal in freshness. The bottle is made of a PET material that does not leach into the milk and is the only PET dairy bottle in the marketplace that has ultraviolet blockers protecting the goodness of our milk from harmful UV rays, which can breakdown vital components milk naturally offers.

Farmers’ All Natural Creamery milk nutrition facts and FAQs.

For more information, visit the Farmers’ All Natural Creamery website.

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