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Why Does It Look Different? | So Much Flavor. So Many Choices.
Delicious and Creamy | Get The Facts

True European-Style
Yogurt That’s Low Sugar, Low Carb!

Cultural Revolution is the newest product from Kalona Organics. This true, European-style, organic yogurt uses only the freshest, most natural ingredients, and—here’s the revolutionary part—it delivers naturally sweet, creamy taste without all the sugar, carbs, calories and sodium contained in most other yogurts. In fact, Cultural Revolution has as much as 1/3 less sugar than other yogurts.

So how did we create a yogurt that is so good for you and tastes so good? We simply let nature do what she does best, and she delivered. Our yogurt is made exclusively of organic whole milk and rich, creamy organic butterfat that contains vitamins A and D. Gently processed and never homogenized: Cultural Revolution has a pure flavor and texture that will transform your taste buds.

Why Does it Look Different?
Cultural Revolution looks different because it is different. We wanted to create a true European-style, organic yogurt. But we knew in order to do this it was essential to avoid using unnecessary stabilizers or thickeners that are in most other yogurts. The result is a yogurt that has a clean and natural marbled texture that tends to be thinner (looser) than most American-made yogurts.

Typically yogurts made in the United States have textures that are smooth, thick, or whipped. You see these textures because thickeners or stabilizers are added to mask the natural marbled texture of the cultured milk. Over processing of foods, like yogurt, brings confusion to what we expect is normal when it comes to food. At Kalona Organics, we make it easy to demystify food. That’s because you can rest assured that we always bring you yogurt in its truly natural state.
So Much Flavor. So Many Choices.
Cultural Revolution Organic yogurt is available in six flavors in both 2 percent (low fat) and 5 percent. Six ounce flavors include blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, peach, vanilla, and plain. Vanilla and plain also are available in 24 oz sizes.

Delicious and Creamy
Our yogurt is revolutionary in every way, including its appearance and texture. Its lovely creamy top and uniquely marbled body are something special. Something you can truly make your own. Enjoy the cream off the top or blend it in—either way it’s a pure and natural treat.

Get The Facts
Find out more about Cultural Revolution Organic Yogurt nutritional facts.

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